I-Mark Registration Controller for Tube Filling Machines



  • Independent operation of up to 3 heads – implies 1/3 the cost of independent controllers.
  • I-Mark orientation can be programmed on the fly (useful for stopping at 180 degrees or zero degrees).
  • Motors programmed to stop at end of cycle if no mark found – implies motors do not keep running in case of inching mode or machine dry run.
  • Can achieve up to 120 ppm/ head using direct drive motor.
  • MODBUS available for remote parameter programming from PLC.
  • Motor Size and Torque optimized based on maximum acceleration and load constraints.

Salient Features:

  • Full control of speed and acceleration for individual motors – useful for jerk-free operation
  • Can achieve more than 200 ppm/head with speed multiplier gearing
  • High speed stepper operation – upto 600 rpm.
  • LED indications for all inputs and outputs for easy debugging
  • Scrolling LED based front panel with keypad for operational status
  • Works with off-the-shelf stepper motors and drives (customer supplied)
  • Can drive servo motors (tested with Panasonic LiQi series and Fuji Faldic-W series motors and drives).
  • Can provide line driver outputs.2 level password protection for changing settings and changing factory programmed settings
  • DIN Mountable on panel with easy access to all IO



  • 32-bit ARM7 based microcontroller
  • 4 key highly durable keypad.
  • 7 segment or 16×2 text LCD display.
  • 8 isolated inputs available (12V/24 V).
  • 8 high speed (100 kHz) outputs available for driving stepper motors.
  • 2 high current SSR driven isolated outputs available (optional).
  • Data storage available in FRAM (like EEPROM with 10^13 write cycles).
  • Can operate from 9 – 30V dc supply.
  • RS 485 4 wire / RS 485 2 wire / RS232 based Modbus
  • Uses a separate supply for drives for higher noise immunity.
  • Configurable Controller can be used for multiple applications.