The MESH COIL MAKER machine is intended to be used for making coils of metal mesh strips of a very small diameter and of a particular length. The machine consists of 2 stepper motor and 3 pneumatic pistons for full machine operation. The 1st stepper motor will be used for feeding in the material in the later stage of the project. 2nd stepper motor is being used in the machine for making coils of the fed material. The Pistons are named as A, B & C  where
Piston A is the Cutting or Shearing Piston, Piston B is the Knife or Inserter Piston and Piston C is the Eject or Pusher Piston. They are used extensively in the machine for making the final product.

The Entire system is Microcontroller controlled and the complete system configuration may be set using a Graphical user interface. Which also shows the current status of the Machine operation. Whole machine is controlled using software.

The software controls are :
1) One Stepper Motors.
2) Three Pneumatic Pistons.
There are 5 sensors inputs to the controller
1)    Feeding Switch:
Present on the machine. Used for starting the operation of the machine.
2)    Homing Sensor:
This sensor will be used in the Calibration and Homing of the Motor.
3)    Pressure Sensor:
Stops the machine if the pressure applied to the machine fall below its operating standard.
4)    E-STOP:
Stops the machine in case of emergency, to be used by the user.
5)    Manual_Automatic:
The user can select in which state, the machine should be operated. In Automatic mode, the feeding switch is used for machine operation. In Manual mode, the operator has to press the two switches for machine operation.
6)    Manual Input Switch:
The manual input for manual operation
7)    Sensor A:
This sensor is present on the Piston A (Shearing or Cutting Piston).
8)    Sensor B:
This sensor is present on the Piston B (Knife or Inserter Piston).
9)    Sensor C:          
This sensor is present on the Piston C (Eject or Pusher Piston).